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Overall Objectives A. Develop, test, and revise a monitoring plan that feeds into the adaptive management cycle to assess and respond to the impacts of implementing Reserve flows in the KMRB B. Use the plan from the KMRB to create a general framework for developing monitoring and adaptive management plans when implementing Reserve flows in other river basins in Kenya.

The project 'Water in the Mara Basin' was a pilot project for the Mau Mara Serengeti Sustainable Water Initiative that offcially started in July 2014. The goals of this pioneering project include: Setting up an experimental hydro and meteo measuring network, collecting base information on water quality and quantity and performing a preliminary analysis on these data. Authors: Annouk Rey, Dave de Koning, Guus Rongen, Joreen Merks, Rick van der Meijs, Sandra de Vries

The main research objective is to develop a methodology that can be used to determine the social values derived from reserve flow (RF) for communities.