Kelly Fouchy

IHE Delft

IHE Delft MaMaSe ecohydrology


Land-use map of 2014, based on supervised remote sensing classification of 21 Landsat 8 images. More than 275 land-use field samples were used.

The central aim of this project was to create a model that can be used as a tool for improving understanding and guiding management of the Mara wetland. The model can be used to increase the understanding of stakeholders through explicit mapping of causal relations, and testing of scenarios. It may also give stakeholders a platform for discussing challenges and management responses.

The poster shows some of the results of the water resources assessment for the Mara River Basin as part of the Mau Mara Serengeti Initiative. On the large map, we see the annual average precipitation, evaporation and runoff for the entire basin. The banner at the bottom shows the same but at the sub-catchment scale, also showing the variability in discharge throughout the year in different parts of the basin. The onset in the top left corner shows the % contribution of average annual discharge of each tributary.